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I support you with copywriting, editing & social media management to get your business, vision or creation in front of the right people - so you can focus on your mission.


Website & print copywriting

Get your message out there so it lands clearly with the right people, bringing you the results you want. I've worked with professionals from all kinds of industries, from solicitors to personnel management to wellness coaches, to create crystal clear copy that connects them to their ideal audience - and I can help you, too. 

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Just a few misplaced words or a grammar gremlin can be all the difference between compelling and repelling your audience. I offer editing & proofreading for web copy, books, brochures/flyers, proposals, course content & email marketing campaigns. 

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Social Media Management

Free yourself up from the endless posting so you can focus on your business or mission. I offer packages starting from £350 including strategy, posts on all channels, and email newsletters. 



jean hammond, facilitator

The service and work you have done for me and continued to do has been fantastic. You have given me confidence to take things forward. You are like a person who sculpts amazing images out of rough-looking wood. 

annabelle nicoll, coach/mentor

Morgan's word magic and social media skills have helped transform my transmissions into communicable pieces of Art. She is the canvas for my brush. I am so deeply grateful to her for enabling my voice to get out and be heard. Her copywriting skills are sensitive to the original piece while being helpful for me to question certain structural aspects and having certain words queried. I couldn't recommend her enough for anyone who needs documents looked over and edited to give their business that professional, clear, considered reflection. 

ed rooke, workshop facilitator & coach

Having Morgan's support with marketing and social media has been fantastic. She’s brilliant at identifying the little actions we can take to put our work out there and reliably keeps on top of the regular tasks which I used to struggle with. It has totally upped our social media presence and we are reaching new people. I’ve also really enjoyed working with her and appreciated her very clear communication.

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about me

I'm Morgan, a lifelong wordgeek, published writer (since 2007) & author. I've been copywriting and editing since 2014 and I only work with people whose work I can really get behind. I've worked with award-winning copywriting agency Rin Hamburgh & Co, business consultancy Business Uplift and publishing company Nicotext as well as a portfolio of  freelance clients from many different fields, from the corporate world to the wellness industry. 

I'd love to support you to get your message out there. 

“Working with Morgan was really inspiring and also very easy. She is knowledgeable, relaxed, and very professional. She supported me to edit my work in a way that kept it really true to what I was wanting to express, but more concisely.” – Jill Kettle, facilitator, FInding Self.

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