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Living an inspired life

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If you long for a life of possibility, colour, beauty, joy, freedom & inspiration,  

Be Welcome

If you know your creative fire is in there and you want to bring it alive (and you're tired of hiding but it's a bit too scary to come out yet) ..

This portal is for you. 

If you just know that connecting to nature is one of the most important things in life, and you want to deepen this journey & connect with others who are equally passionate about it, 

You're in the right place

If you sometimes feel more at home with trees than people and wonder if you'll ever belong because you just don't care about most of the things other people care about ... and if the mundanity of everyday life crushes your soul ...

You'll find a home here.

Enter the Portal


Hear your Soul's Song



Receive a Soulcrafted Song or poem as a gift & blessing for you or a loved one

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Uncover your own Creativity  & deepen your connection to Nature's Magic 


Find out about workshops & other offerings and receive regular inspiration

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Become a Wildmuse Portal Member

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Your Muse Space-Holder

I am Khalsa Morgan, a womb creatrix aka singer/songwriter, poet & author, a dancing spirit, rooted in the earth and singing from the sea.


As a little girl, songs and stories constantly came through me as I walked up and down my garden, communing with the trees & the fairies & the moss-covered rocks in the forests of South Africa.

And then that got shut down. Because in year one of school, I learned that it wasn't OK to sing and talk a lot and be a bookworm.


In short, to be who I was.

I watched others sing and share their creative gifts and I thought that this was for them, not for me. 

But 20 years ago, through several catalytic events, everything began to change .. and gradually ... 

I found out that my Muse had never truly left. 

And I know yours hasn't, either,

I re-claimed my inner Artist and began to play with life again.


I packed everything up and went on the road, changed up my urban lifestyle and moved much closer to nature. ...


about my music

"I felt transported to an ethereal place. Radiant, in a kind of sensual, magical way." - Sophia

"Quietly symphonic and full of wisdom." - James


"Magical, ethereal and timeless." - Calissa

"Tender flowering spirit of femininity." - Tanya

about my soulcrafted songs

"This so touches me. It is so incredibly beautiful. Feeling the divinity from the place from which you play. And I am so honoured to receive. I'm letting the melody carry me. " - Magali

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 Cavetime with Khalsa

We're coming out of a strange time. And no doubt, there's more strangeness around the corner.


If you're struggling to come out of your cave and need some support to find your voice, let's meet and muse together.


In retreat from everyday society, living close to the earth, I'm in a place to offer a different quality of space right now. In our hour together, you're invited to explore where you're at right now. Your longings and wonderings are so welcome.


I'll meet you with deep listening and a guided meditation or visualisation created just for you. I'll then brew up a special mix of medicine for you: for example, guidance on tapping into your creativity, or a tree oracle reading.

You'll come away with that delicious feeling of having been heard & seen, with more insight into who you are & what you have to offer, and some next steps on your path. 

what people say
about working with me

"As always, you get to the core and straight to my heart."

- Carolina. 

"So affirming and empowering. Khalsa's gentle support & guidance helped me to begin to value myself as an individual on my own creative path,  rather than just being a mum, as well as giving me lots of inspiring ideas & valuable pointers.


It has really widened my perspective  on myself & my capabilities, and was great fun trying out the new ideas & suggestions, particularly because Khalsa was so responsive to my developing personal needs and motivations."


- Jess, writer & mother 


"A beautiful blend of reminding me of some of the gifts that I forget I bring to the world amidst much of my inner critical self. Insightful nudges, emotional truths, and some themes that paying closer attention to could really support me  in my unravelling future."


- Samina, artist & therapist. 

"Khalsa holds the space in such a compassionate, peaceful, open and heart-centred way, she is the perfect guide for this wonderful journey. Massively recommend."


- Anna, yoga teacher & kirtan singer

"Accessible and sacred. I feel so nourished from your session. You truly feel like the sister I never had!"


- Malinda, mother & professional

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