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If your menstrual cycle had a voice ... 

What would it be saying to you? 

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Ever wondered why sometimes you’re super productive... and at other times, you long for a duvet day? 


Do you notice times when you're sociable and other times irritable and wanting to be alone? 


Do you feel like there's something wrong with you for changing so often? 


It's supposed to be that way.... 

And Menstrual Cycle Awareness will empower you to understand why and how you ride the waves of your beautifully changing nature. 

Week 1: Going In & Going Out

Discover the two Wild Energy currents that work through us during our menstruating years, throughout the month - and how to work with rather than against them.

Learn Menstrual Cycle Awareness as a Wellness and Self-Care practice.

Find out how to chart your cycle and harvest its wisdom and medicine for YOU.

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Heading 1

So if you are suffering with your cycle, or if you simply long to feel more connected to your own body and to your unique power and wisdom, then this is the course for you!


As a Red School-certified Menstruality Mentor who has healed my own PMT and severe period pain through this knowledge & set of practices, I'll support you through this process with both practical, easy-to-implement information and inspirational practices so you can start listening to your own cycle - and changing your life from the inside out.

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Week 2: The 4 Inner Seasons - Know Yourself

Explore how to map your own unique cyclical experience.

Tune into the 4 inner archetypal seasons for more ease, inspiration, and fulfilment in your life.

Transform the shadows of these seasons into powers!

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Week 3: Sacred Menstruation - It All Starts Here

How Menstruation Re-Sets and Rejuvenates you - and how to allow this process naturally.

The 5 Chambers of Menstruation: how they can lead you back to yourself and uncover clarity on what's next.

'Big Bleeds' and the 1% Principle: What to do if your life is crazy busy and you still want to experience the magic of your bleed.

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Week 4: The Creative Process & Your Cycle

Understanding the cycle as a microcosm of the larger cycles of life.

How your cycle can help you work and play with your creativity in all areas of your life: the projects you long to birth, the inspiration you want to express in the world, the change you want to see.

Plus: Maybe it's not procrastination - maybe it's timing!

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Week 5: Integration

Putting it all together! Finding your patterns and your needs at different times of your cycle. Practice how to navigate through with more ease and communicate to others around you about your needs.

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Supplementary topics on the course will include:

  • Your cycle as a well-being feedback system.

  • Listening to your cycle and repairing problems through diet, lifestyle and supplementation.

  • Crossover days (days between Inner Seasons, which can be wobbly!) and how to ease these transitions..

Sound exciting?


The next course starts on Thursday 18th March 2021.  

Each week includes:

  • Weekly Zoom calls with a transmission (teaching) of menstrual magic, guided meditations/visualisations or movement practices - and time to share with each other and be witnessed and to ask questions. There are 5 calls in total.

  • Practices to connect you to your own embodied experience of the cycle. Because just 'knowing' isn't enough - there's the all-important 'doing' aspect. The beauty is, none of these powerful practices are time consuming and can be easily woven into your life as it is.


  • Sisterhood - Embed into a sisterhood to be witnessed in your experience, to receive support from others on the journey as well as from me. Healing of sisterhood wounds, menstrual shame and all kinds of unexpected jewels!


  • 2 Emails a week with teaching content, journaling exercises, videos and audios to digest at your own pace, plus suggested resources to enhance your experience and learning.


  • A private Facebook group for discussion, questions and mentoring from me.

Zoom calls will be on Thursdays at 6:00 pm UK time and last an average of 1.5 hours.

They will include a mixture of teaching, sharing, meditation and practices to connect you to your own embodied experience of the cycle.

I will be on hand daily to answer questions and give input in the private community space (except when I go on my 2-day menstrual retreat and I'll give you a heads up on that).

The calls will be recorded for those who cannot make it, but it's ideal if you can come to as many of the calls as possible for the full connective experience!





Imagine experiencing joy, ease, self-acceptance and flow in your day-to-day life.

Imagine feeling more empowered to communicate your feelings and needs with others, and more able to create what you want.


All of this is possible by embracing your cycle and harnessing its wisdom.

What Others Say


"A discovery of how to work with my menstrual cycle that I had never known. I was given tools on how to inhabit the most sacred and feminine part of myself, an aspect that I’ve been shy of and avoidant for many years!


Khalsa's knowledge and understanding of the menstrual cycle is immense as well as her intuition with the phase I am in.

I have felt empowered ever since this time with Khalsa, by becoming more present to how my body, mind and spirit feel during the different seasons in my menstrual cycle.

Learning how to nourish and deepen a connection to my feminine divine identity to open up a new relationship with this part of myself."

Siobhan Swider, holistic therapist

"Beautifully led. I am so grateful for the opportunity to return to myself and explore my seasons with wonderment and tender care. I discovered so many pieces of self-acceptance through your wisdom and the group sharing and mirroring.


It was a truly special journey and I am slowly integrating what I have learned and hope to utilise the vast amount of tools and knowledge you offered during the wonderful journey and container you created.


I would like to recommend this work wholeheartedly. I only wish this is something I had participated in earlier in my journey through this life. I am so happy that I can guide my young daughter with everything you shared.”


-  Katherine Burchill
















“Khalsa’s beautiful course about the moon cycle really helped me in understanding various phases of the cycle and how each one impacts my mood, my energy level, my openness and so much more!  

I could finally find the answers to questions I had about the way I function as a woman, and I can now fully relax into it and embrace the beautiful gifts our moon cycles bring us.


In my opinion this is essential self knowledge. I would have loved to receive these teachings way back before my first period, it would have changed many experiences for sure over the years!


Really worth it!"

- Mary



















"I loved taking Khalsa's course! Khalsa is an amazing teacher and I felt so held during the 5 weeks. She made the space feel so safe and comfortable and I was able to connect with the other women so easily. She helped me to recognize so much more about my seasons and personality in connection to my cycle. I am so grateful for her and this experience. I would highly highly recommend her course."

- Katie Janecko

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Your Guide on this journey

I am a Red School trained and certified Menstruality Mentor and am influenced by the work of Alexandra Pope & Sjanie Wurlitzer, Jane Catherine Severn and Jane Hardwicke Collings in the field of Menstruality.

I have worked with women for the past 12 years on an individual and group basis, having trained and practiced as a crisis counsellor and Breastfeeding Counsellor and studied and worked in the field of Psychology. I completed the 7-month Women's Quest Apprenticeship in Menstruality Mentorship with Red School in 2019.

You can read more about my journey with menstruality below.

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Why the Rewild your Womb Journey? 

You will benefit from the knowledge, wisdom and experience of not only myself as your facilitator but also your fellow companions on the journey, deepening and enriching your sense of what it is to be a womb-bearer in your cycling years, and discovering insight into your own quintessential flavour of the Feminine.


You will have support from my side for the full 5 weeks.

You will receive an embodied, rich and direct transmission of this knowledge and will be held in a safe haven where you can go deep.

It's live, it's real, it's magic and in the moment!

What's next?


There are two options to join in this journey:  

1) 5 live online calls + daily access in private community group + 2 teaching emails a week (10 in total) + call recordings = £300 (all materials included)




2) All of the above plus 2 hour-long one-to-one sessions to support your journey & unpack your discoveries with personalised input from me as your menstruality mentor = £400. (The usual value of one to one sessions is £63 per session. Bookable within a 7 week period of beginning the course).

Places will be limited to create a safe, intimate group with time for everyone to share on the calls and to receive individual attention.


I'm excited to share this life-changing wisdom with you! Choose your option below to join the journey of reclaiming your wild womb wisdom ...

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