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Wildmuse Portal Membership Circle

Join our women's circle 

1 circle or workshop a month focused on supporting your connection to nature, your creativity and sharing your expression. A safe space to get on a call live together and share, be seen & explore your inner world.

1 monthly downloadable meditation or visualisation to anchor in your own connection to the natural world, to yourself & to your creativity

weekly video or blog post to inspire your muse & give nature connection tips

private community space  - priceless!

discounts on one to one sessions with me

for the first 10 women that join, full access to the Rewild your Womb Journey self-paced course (worth £66)

Womb Power Portal Session

1 hour menstruality mentorship session to explore the powers of your menstrual cycle, using the uncannily accurate Red Power cards. I provide a safe, deeply listening and confidential space for you to look closely at your inner 'seasons', the ever-changing territory of your menstrual cycle, and to find the points of change and healing.

£60/€70 for an hour-long session via Zoom video call.

"I had an incredible and deep Womb Power Portal session with Khalsa. Not only was the reading spot on with where I was in my moon cycle, but she was able to guide me intuitively to where I needed to focus my intentions (perfectly for the situation I was in, I might add). I have also witnessed mini-sessions with other women, and not only did I learn more with each share, but I felt the resonance with each woman as Khalsa shared her gifts. The wisdom and love Khalsa brings to each and every woman is absolutely priceless. Thank you!"
Erica Workman, health professional.



Conversations with the Divine Feminine Podcast

Co-Creating with your Cyclical Nature for more Flow, Clarity & Bliss: Tune in to the podcast here!

podcast image.jpg

Ready to get started on your journey? 


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