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Creative Companion

Working at home
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Are you birthing a creative project?


Do you need someone alongside you?


Someone who's been there and knows the struggles & the triumphs...


gayatri beegan,
erotic mystic

Morgan lovingly guided and supported me in birthing this new project into the world. I simply couldn't have done it without her.

christie animas, facilitator & therapist 

It is so useful to share with Morgan what is alive in me these days in relation to my work and my  life. If you would like to receive supoprt in your writing project, do get in touch with Morgan, she is Ace!

annabelle nicoll, coach/mentor

I am so deeply grateful to Morgan for enabling my voice to get out and be heard. 

carolina, dancer, writer & mother

As always, you get to the core and straight to my heart.

this can look like ....

Meeting on Zoom for an hour to discuss your creative process and blocks

Being there with you as you work through part of a project and ask questions/ verbalise things as you go along

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about me

I'm Morgan, a lifelong wordgeek, published writer (since 2007) & author. I've been copywriting and editing for nearly a decade, working with award-winning copywriting agency Rin Hamburgh & Co, business consultancy Business Uplift and publishing company Nicotext among others. My portfolio of  freelance clients spans many different fields, from the corporate world to the wellness industry. 

My specialty has become holistic and heart-centred biz owners, entrepreneurs, visionary artists and transformational coaches who are anywhere between start up to 10 years in. I only work with people whose work I can truly get behind and whose values I align with.

If you think this might be you, and you're in a position to invest in your business right now, fill in the form below and let's see how I can support you to get your message out there. 

“Working with Morgan was really inspiring and also very easy. She is knowledgeable, relaxed, and very professional. She supported me to edit my work in a way that kept it really true to what I was wanting to express, but more concisely.” – Jill Kettle, facilitator, FInding Self.

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